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Discover the Aman range of luxury lodges within Amankora in Bhutan ( Amankora' s Lodges are simple, elegant sanctuaries spread across five pristine valleys across the country. Each lodge is as tranquil and out of time as the kingdom they are part of. This circuit of Himalayan sanctuaries is one of the world's last surviving Buddhist Kingdoms.

Take a guided excursion through the valleys of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Phobjikha and Bumthang which all offer the chance to experience a remote Kingdom, with vast forests, dramatic inclines and 7,000-metre peaks. Discover this breath-taking country on full, vibrant display under the expansive Himalayan sky. Bhutan treks range from short valley walks to testing full-day hikes over mountain trails, punctuated by wildlife and abundant greenery.

Devoid of crowds and the trappings of tourism, Bhutan is unlike anywhere on Earth – and Amankora offers unprecedented access to its breath-taking beauty. With five lodges spread across the country, it leads guests to a deeper insight into urban, rural and spiritual Bhutan, while immersive wellness and dining experiences create a tangible connection to the pine-sprinkled Himalayan setting. Bhutan is still only slowly opening up to tourism, yet Amankora has been on the ground here for 15 years cultivating a caring, passionate team whose experience is unrivalled in the Buddhist Kingdom.

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